Monday, March 29, 2010

This last week....

Its been crazy busy around here but I really wanted to tell the whole story.

Last Sunday night {the 21st} Audrey woke up in the middle of the night feverish. I gave her pain reliever and she eventually fell back to sleep. She had a slight fever the whole Monday and I thought she must be getting some teeth because she was drooling up a storm and biting down on everything. That night she didn't sleep at all { well probably a total of about 3 hours broken up into about 9 different times} I did take her temp sometime in the night and it was a whopping 104.5! I started to get really scared when the Tylonal and IB wouldn't even keep it down. She had some cool baths and washcloths but it wouldn't stay down. I started to think she had an ear infection and decided I wouold bring her in in the A.M..

I took her in after I had dropped the boys off at my sisters house. As soon as the nurses looked at her they could tell she wasn't doing well. She was having a hard time breathing. { I really felt stupid at this point because I hadn't even realized she was having such a hard time breathing- I thought it was just because her temp was so high} They did a RSV test and a chest x-ray- she really hated that part of it! While we were waiting for the results they gave her a breathing treatment and it seemed to help a little. Then the Dr. came in. He said the RSV was negative but that she had pnemonia. He tried to explain to me what her lungs looked like because he didn't know what to make of hers. They way he explained it was that normal lungs look very clear and ones with pnemonia look cloudy in and x-ray. But hers were cloudy with what looked like a pocket in the middle that was clear. He said they would be shipping her to Children's Hospital by ambulance. by this time I'm having a hard time keeping in my tears. I mean, how in the world did I let it get this far and not realize womething was this wrong? He said that the main reason they would take her in the ambulance is because he didn't want me driving her there alone if she was having a hard time breathing and not having any oxgyn to give here and that they would be better at taking care of her on the way. So we left and when on our way very fast with lights and sirens. It didn't bother Audrey much at all, actually she fell asleep for part of the way down.

When we got there it was just a bunch of waiting and telling all that was going on with her. They put an IV in her little wrist :( It was so sad. I hated it probably more than she did. It took them 3 times to finally get one to work. Poor little baby. I just wanted to cry with her. We were in the ER  for about 4 hours before a Dr came in to talk about her xray. She told me that yes, Audrey does have pnemonia but it isn't as serious as they thought! But what they did find after wondering what was going on and having a couple diffent doctors take a look at it was that her intestines were actually in her lungs. She has what is called a Hiatal Hernia.  She said that if probably happened while she was stil inside of me. They never would have known she had this if it hadn't been for this chest xray. She never had any symptoms like thowing up alot or reflux problems. We were told that she would need surgery to repair this.

I really couldn't believe this! I mean when I woke up that morning I though she maybe had an ear infection! Now I find out she had something that would need  surgery to repair. I'm amazed about how much peace I felt thoughout all that had been going on- I had let my family know and they were getting out word that Audrey needed prayer. I definalty could feel the Lord with us there!

We finally got a room and Ben eventually got back to the Cities from driving  in Iowa. I'm so thakful that Ben's parents and sisters were able to get the kids and have them at their house. Ben stayed at the hospital the first night and then went home to be with the boys while I stayed with Audrey.

Audrey and I were at the hospital for 3 nights. Yup, your probably wondering if I was stinky and gross! Yup- I was. I didn't have anything with me. I wore the same clothes for 3 days and 2 nights. Thankfully my cousin Kayla was at the hospital with her little girl { please pray for her and little Molly } she had been staying down there for over a week trying to figure out what has been going on with her little girl. She called me up and took me to Target so I could get some things! Top of my list..... UNDERWEAR! I have never been so thankful for that item in my life. I was able to get some shampoo, toothpaste, pj's, food and some other nessesities.It was really great to get out of the hospital room for a little bit too.  I was so happy to have Kayla there, she kinda showed me the ropes and where to get what and how to do things. I felt really lonely down there too and was happy to know that I knew someone there.

My sister Jessica came to visit us on the last night. My parents did too. I was soooo happy to see them. Audrey was too- she was all smiles and loved the attention!

They wouldn't discharge up until Audrey had been without a fever for 24 hours. And in the end ( after being told what seemd like a million different plans ) she would go home and after her lungs are completly healed they will do the surgery. I have to acall tomorrow to set it up. I'm hoping we can wait until May though because April is so crazy busy.

Audrey is feeling wonderful and is back to her happy smiley self. She has slept the last 3 night all night without waking up! A.!  Her brothers were so worried about her and were extremly excited when she got home. She was really happy to see them too.

We are so blessed to have so many family and friends praying for Audrey. I feel almost thankful that she ended up getting pnemonia because otherwise we would never have know she had tha hiatal hernia until it was a big problem. We are thanking our Heavenly Father for watching over our sweet little girl and that everything went smoothly and that she got better so quickly. We are thankful to the great Dr.s she had and that her Doctor sent her to a wonderful hospital.

I was really hoping the whole time that I would have had my camera along. When my sister came to visit she had hers and took some for me. Thanks Jess! So here's little Miss Audrey at the hospital on the last night- as you can tell she was already feeling so much better!


  1. So happy to see that she is feeling better. She is so beautiful, and I look forward to seeing her this summer (?hopefuly!) All your children are so beautiful, and I bet everyone is happy that things are getting back to normal!

  2. I'm so glad Audrey's feeling better!! She was such a little doll with those pigtails in her hair! I can't wait to kiss those cheeks this weekend!! XO

  3. So glad to hear that everything turned out the way it did and that Audrey is back home - will continue to keep her in my prayers regarding her upcoming surgery.

  4. We're so glad Audrey's feeling better and is home again!!! Having such a little woman in the hospital is so sad! She does look awfully cute in that little gown, though!