Friday, March 19, 2010

A New Look

  I have a GREEN living room! I absolutely looove it! I'm not sure if Ben's going to like it but since I'm the one that has to look at it all week I felt like I should get the deciding vote on this one. At first when I got the paint home I had to quick try it out on the wall just to make sure I made the right choice. I was really scared when it turned out to look lime green. I panicked and decided there was no way I was going to be able to sleep know I was going to worry the whole night if I had made the wrong decision ( I know I could always go get a different paint but since we don't have alot of extra money to spare the small fortune to buy 3 cans this time was a BIG deal). Plus it didn't help that I knew Ben would love to say "I told you so".
 I jumped right in by ripping of the stupid wallpaper border that I had put up when we first were married.That was the worst part of the process. I think wallpaper is from the devil. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get it all off. I WILL NEVER USE WALLPAPER AGAIN! I promise! If it comes into style again and I even think about putting it up will some hit me across the head with a 2x4? o.k now that you know my hatred for that evil paper I'll continue. I put the kids to bed and started painting. Yes, I believe from now on I will be painting during the night. I didn't hve to worry about little fingers tesing out the paint or anyone wanting to help. If only I hadn't gotten incredibly tired I would have finished instead of going to bed at 2:30. Instead I finished up today. I am pretty much done except for behing the entertainment center that I need Ben to move for me tonight when he gets home. Thankfully the walls are exactly the color I wanted, and that the "limeness" ended up drying darker! I really wish I had taken a before picture. I'll try to get a after picture up this weekend sometime, but I want everything finished. Now I need to just go shopping for some new curtains and trow pillows. And I need to finally get our current family picture up on the wall { this is really sad but the one i had up until yesterday was before we had Owen or Audrey}. Can't wait until its completed :)


  1. Excited to see the finished product! I dislike wallpaper as well...when we moved in the previous owners had already painted over wallpaper (and not just a border, but the whole wall was covered!) and my husband refused to let me try and get it off and made me just paint over it! Now you can see lines and it's peeling in a couple places, but I'm sure I would still rather just look at that then have to take it all down and start over!