Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rain and Tea

Today has been a very dreary day. It has been rainy and foggy. Cold and wet. I think March seems to be the longest month of the year because the sun doesn't shine very much. I seem to be the person whos moods are dictated my the weather. My sister and I were just talking today about how we blame our attitudes on the weather alot. Good thing we live in Minnesota so we have something to complain about, because if we lived in sunny Florida for example, we wouldn't have anything to blame our moods on!

On Saturday I went with my mom,sisters, grandma, and a couple of my nieces to Heirloom Tea Room to celebrate my mom's birthday. We had such a good time drinking delicious tea and nibbling on little savory bites of St. Patrick's Day themed foods. We all wore hats that the tea room has for their guests and toured this beautiful historical house. I enjoyed every moment of it! {I love spending time with the women in my family}
The "Girls"

pictures borrowed from my sister {thanks Jaclyn}
I forgot my camera that day!

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