Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Ethan's trying to kill me with Dad's big knife!!!"

Yes, this really was something that was yelled out the door at me while I was out hiding in the van trying to get a little "me" time. I yelled at them to knock it off and eventually came in and everyone was still alive, no one was bleeding. I sometimes have to escape my little house and hide in the van, just so I can hear myself think or talk to someone on the phone without being interupted zillions of times! You're probably thinking that I should get the Worst Mom's Award, but seriously if you were home all week teaching your kids and you husband was gone for 5 days straight every week{ and you had 4 boys that are always beating on eachother} you would need a hiding place too. And believe me- I've tried hiding in my room- they know how to get the door unlocked. I've tried the bathroom { usually this works} but the door knob broke off last week so your lucky to get the door to stay shut. And so the van is the perfect place, they do find me {after awhile} but by then I"ve had a little quiet and i'm ready to enter the land of little people . I remember when I was little and my mom saying quite a bit "they're coming to take me away, haha- hehe, ......"  {I don't remember the rest} but it always would make us kids laugh but now I realize she must have been feeling the stress and craziness that little kids bring and the overwhelming responsibility that only mom's can understand.

I KNOW  I'm not the only one out there that has a hiding place.... so share....where's yours? And I promise, I won't tell your kids ;)


  1. I would give you the BEST mom award! I know I wouldn't be able to stay home with the kids all week with no husband. I don't know how you do it, and I admire that you do such a good job! - I would definitely have a hiding place where I could never be found! Right now, I usually just hide in the basement (on the computer) and make the kids stay upstairs!

  2. I usually hide in the bathroom. Unfortunately, they have figured me out. Whenever I'm in there, Emery comes to the door-"Mom, are you reading magazines in there? You're not really going to the bathroom, are you?" Bummer! .