Thursday, April 1, 2010

3 on Thursday

1} We bought the 3 oldest new bikes this week. They were so excited. Even Blake, who can't ride one himself yet, said to me " Mom, I don't even know how I'm going to pay you for this!" I said  "a kiss will do" so he made me shut my eyes and gave me a " double smooch". I love that boy!

2} I have been pretty sick this week with a horrible headcold and I felt better today, but have lost my voice almost completely. The kids seem to be taking advantage of my inability to yell at them and have been extra mischeivious. You'd think that Ethan would know better than to put a little rubber band around his neck without me having to squeak out that he shouldn't. And I shouldn't have to tell a certain 5 yr old not to pee in the tub ( 2 times in one minute!) I mean, come on, give mama a break! I think it going to be a while before my voice in back to normal because I can't even rest my voice completly without having to strain it to get them to hear me!

3} Next weekend Ben and I are going to our District Republican Convention. Ben is a Delegate and I'm an Alternate (although I know I won't be needed since I'm like number 10! ) It has been a couple years since Ben and I have been away for the night without any kids. Ben volunteered me to sing the National Anthem at the convention too! I'm getting a little nervous about it since I haven't been able to do much practicing now that my voice is gone- hopefully it will be back soon. I really hope I don't embarress myself, I will be doing it accapella and really hope I don't start on a wrong note. Oohh, I'm getting really nevous now just writing about it.

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  1. You'll do fabulous! :) Good luck, and REST THAT VOICE!