Friday, March 5, 2010

Five on Friday

I am soooo happy its Friday! This week has been a long one and I'm ready for the weekend!

1) Garbage. We have garbage overflowing our dumpster. The Garbage Truck came 2 weeks ago on the schedualed date but I forgot about it and it ended up leaving without our trash because Ben's pick-up was parked in fromt of it. I called to see if they could come back, they did yesterday but didn't take it because they said there was too much snow in front of it. yeah right! I was watching the guy backing up to it and he so could have taken it. So we will continue to have garbage pulled out and drug around by our dogs until next week when they'll try again.

2) Owen's taking a nap in the crib. I guess we were having such good luck with him sleeping in the big bed was because he's been sick. I tried to get him to sleep in the bed 4 times wich ended up with him coming back downstairs or playing up in his room to dropping legos down the vent in their floor to the living room. So I just decided to give up and put him in the crib where he can't escape.

3) Ethan and Blake have been really into pretending lately. The other night they were pretending that they were "guys that have wives" And Blake's wife was named "Polly". Then yesterday I was somehow able to get a little nap (such a rarity). But of course I won't actually get to " fall sleep" because the van's horn starts honking. I run outside and there is Ethan in the drivers seat and Blake in the passenger's and they are on their way to get groceries. I took out the keys and went back to my bed.

4) Tomorrow my sisters, mom and I are going to celebrate my mom's birthday by going to the Heirlooms Tea in Hutch. We are all really excited for this outing. We love tea parties :)

5) I am addicted to in love with Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. I drank my last can for lunch today and am seriously thinking about running to town just to pick up another case. Of course ,we need milk too ,but I wouldn't run to town for just that . But for my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper I would . ;-)


  1. That was good! I have been craving it too!;)

  2. I love Dr. Pepper - I will have to try that kind, it sounds like it would be Yummy! Hope you guys had a fun tea party! I LOVE Cricket Meadow and am looking forward to Gianna's Baby Tea there!