Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Can't Take It Anymore!!

Yes, its time for another venting session. Its been a looooong week full of sick, cranky kids. Cranky mommy too! I was getting through the week just fine until today it hit me. Probably because I haven't been getting much sleep due to the fact that someone is always waking up crying or coughing. I don't do good when I don't get a good nights sleep. I should be doing dishes right now but I just don't care. I should be folding my endless sea of laundry right now but I'm too tired of trying to match up socks that are always missing a partner.Poor Ben has had to listen to me complain all day on the phone. Sometimes I wish I could get in a truck and drive all week by myself. But instead I get to stay home all week and have snotty noses wiped on my shoulder. Break up fights. Make food for kids who are constantly hungry. Teach school.and try to get Ethan and Blake to understand that you can't run around outside without your shirt on in 35 degree weather. I will be so happy when Ben gets home tommorow night.

On another note, we finally have all the boys in bunk beds now. Clint and Owen share a bunk and Blake and Ethan share one. They are so cute all piled in that little room with only enough room for 2 sets of bunks. Owen is thrilled that he gets a "choo-choo train" blanket too. When I tell hims its time for bed he runs to the stair saying "night- night, choo,choo". I was a little worried that he would fall off but he hasn't yet. The only draw back is he can get out of bed himself in the morning which he likes to do at 6:30 am. Momma doesn't like getting up that early. Hopefully the newness of being able to get out by himself will wear off soon because I like to sleep until at least 7:30.

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