Friday, April 1, 2011

When a boy gets hurt....

Last weekend Owen was being his boyish self and following his brothers around outside.
They went up to their fort in the upstairs of the garage so he followed.
Or attempted to.
But fell backwards off the ladder.
And hurt his arm.
We thought maybe it was broken.

If it had been my first child I would have probably been freaking out and rushed him to the ER.

But this experienced Mama knows that if there aren't any bones sticking out or blood squirting anywhere to just let it play out on its own.

So I snuggled him on the couch.....

Gave him lots of attention...

Wrapped his arm in a sling.....

And waited it out....

It bothered him for the rest of the day.
But by the next day, it was like it had never happened.
Must have just been a sprain or bruised.
Thankfully I was calm enough to NOT panic and rush him to the ER where it would have cost us an Arm and a leg since we didn't have insurance.

(Oh and that was him the day after the accident in the previous post- the one with the life jacket. So you can see that he's feeling much better!)


  1. so sorry that your little guy hurt his arm, but what great shots you captured of him. Great catchlights in his eyes! did you use your 50mm?

    And on the planting grass? that was a super great idea, fun for the kids, and fun easter decoration, and a great photo op!

  2. He is feeling much comlaints anymore:) I did use my 50mm, I love it so much! I actually just got in though from taking out the lens from you! So happy that its nice out so I can finally go outside and use it! i love the pictures that it took and had fun being able to take lots of pics of the kids from far away.I love it:)