Friday, April 22, 2011

This week has been super gloomy, rainy, and just plain depressing!
I'm really hoping that Easter will be sunny.
I really think that this lack of sun has taken it's toll on all of our attitudes around here- especially mine!

I'm really happy that last Sunday before the gloominess started I let the kids talk me into taking them to a park. I told them I'd take them after I finished up a sewing project that I had been dying to try. Here's a little peek of it.

I've been wanting to try and make a Pillow Case Dress for some time and when I was going through the kids' closet, I found a set of pillowcases we had gotten from my Grandma for our wedding. We hadn't used them, they were pretty special. All the time she put into embroidering them. I felt that I needed to save them for something special. I couldn't think of anything more special than making one of them into a dress for Audrey:)

So after finishing that project up I figured I'd better do what I said I'd do. I really didn't want to drive far with our big beast sucking the gas down like she does, so we went to the town 6 miles away and went to their dinky little park. The kids had a blast! Here are some pictures from our little outing at the Windmill Park.

The Merry-Go-Round was by far the favorite! I was getting dizzy just watching them and felt like loosing my lunch after pushing it around.

 What's a trip to the park without a little swingin'

Does this make me a mean mom? That I take pictures of them when they get hurt? Sorry, I just love their expressions!

And yes,

That's my kid!


  1. Oh Joy, that dress is just so adorable! And how awesome that it has some special meaning to it! You did a great job....I think I might have to get myself a sewing machine here soon! We loved our (few) trips to the park so far this "spring" too! Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates for some more!

  2. LOVE the dress! Can't wait to see those pictures!:)