Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Asphalt Cowboy

Earlier this week the kids and I walked to the end of the driveway to wait for Daddy to get home.

This is his Ride.

 We saw him coming from a ways off and the kids were pretty excited to get to see his truck.

Have I ever told you how good Ben is at backing up?
Let's just say he can back from the highway onto our narrow driveway and all the way to the the curve in our drive. And our driveways is loooong!

Look at that boy, backin up like that!
So proud of him!
I can hardly back out of my parking space with a small car let alone a semi!

This is why I married him.

Or maybe this is why-

He's just so darn cute in a bandanna!
( but will someone tell him that he NEEDS a haircut!)

You might be wondering where the children are while I'm taking way too many pictures of a boy in a truck.
Take a little look see down below.

Blake was supposed to be bring the little kids back to the house in the stroller but once again didn't listen. So instead be let the stroller go down the ditch with the little kids in it and took Audrey out while letting Owen try to walk out the the muddy field. He was crying at this point and trying to get his boots out which led to his boots staying stuck in the mud and him walking through it with his socks.
It was quite the episode.
Most things in this family are.


  1. "most things in this family are." hahahaha.. Nicole says that about me all the time too :) :) It's something I love about my life...

  2. Does Ben give lessons!? I could certainly use some with camping season coming up! Too funny about the kids :)