Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some of my Favorites

It's been almost a week since Easter and I just haven't gotten around to posting pictures on here from that beautiful sunny day. Just wish the weather would have stayed like it was.I did post lots of them on FB but wanted to make sure to get some on here.

Here are a FEW  lot of my favorites:)

( And I'm sorry if it takes a long time to load- I do shrink my pictures but it still seems to take some computes to load them)

Little G checking out Grandma's newest baby calves.

Seriously, what is cuter than little kissing cousins?!

Lots of Bale jumping going on at the farm

Ethan is always ready to strike a pose!

Audrey making friends with a calf not much bigger than herself:)

Mama and all her girls! I only hope I can look as good as her when my kids are all grown up!

What's a trip to the farm without a ride on the Gator?

You know you are totally jealous of me!

My good looking little brother who is driving now! Where did the time go?

I had to leave you with a picture showing just how beautiful the day was. Lovin' that green, green grass!

Especially the beautiful ladies sitting there!


  1. You need to show this post to your parents...I was telling them about your Easter photo's...they will be blessed to see the beauty of your captures and the beauty of your words. You have a gift for both Joy and I know in the crazy busyness of being a Mom those things can get lost in the day to day living of life but I hope you continue to scrape out moments of time for yourself.

    Thank you for meant more than you could know. XX

  2. Gorgeous pictures Joy! Love the kissing cousins and the one w/ ur mom & sisters - she (ur mom) looks like she fits right in as one of the sisters!!

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS, inspiring pictures. You certainly have a talent for sharing your joy of life.