Monday, April 18, 2011

A Walk in Muddy Shoes

Our walks have begun again.
Down our driveway.

We love our adventures down the driveway.
We look for neat rocks.
Look for gopher holes.
Sing silly songs.
Have races.
The kids like to walk around out in the field.

They like to walk out to the little swamp to see what birds and animals they could find.

But this time of year is treacherous to walk through the field.
You fall in the mud.
You get stuck in the mud.

You get in trouble for walking in the muddy field while wearing your new shoes.

You find a feather and get really excited thinking its from a swan.

Until Mom tells you its a turkey feather from the turkey farm across the road.

I love our walks.


  1. Oh Joy these are great captures...and that last one is priceless. Love it! We go on a lot of walks too but not the same as roaming out in the country...this makes me long even more to be out in the country...whenever we are at your parents house the kids have such a blast running around the farm yard.

  2. Love the first picture! All our awesome though! Your walks definitely sound more interesting than ours!!