Monday, April 4, 2011

Sowing Seeds

I've always wanted to plant some grass inside the house for an Easter decoration.
This was the year to do it.
Mostly because I actually bought some grass seed in time.
Plus, I had potting soil from planting all Ben's seeds.
So it worked out perfectly.

The kids were pretty excited about it.

Even Clint.
Although, he is NOT a fan of me taking pictures of him.
So even though he looks extremely not interested about this little fun, he was probably the most excited:)

Fill up the cartons with dirt.

Plant the seeds
Think Blake used enough seed?

Of course, you must water the seeds.
( oh, and I am getting extremely annoyed that Walmart has no watering cans....we've been using Audrey's little beach toy one to water all our vegetable plants!)

And stick your fingers in and squish the dirt.

Laugh and giggle a whole bunch!

And most importantly, climb up to the table after Mommy just cleaned it up and stick your fingers in it again ;)

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  1. CUTE!!!! looks like they had so much fun! Your such a fun mom! -Jaclyn