Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm still here!!!

Hello again!
Its been a while since I've posted anything. We've been busy, but I'm not really sure what with. That time of year when the days go by faster than I can think.

We've The kids have been enjoying all the snow. Although I did don my snowpants and boots and head out there with the kids this week. We made snow angels and played king of the hill. We've made some Gingerbread Men and our living room looks like a blizzard with lots and lots of snow flakes hanging from the ceiling. Everytime Audrey comes downstairs in the morning she just giggles and squeals because she just loves those snow flakes. She is amazed that they are "floating" in the air:).

We have been infested with mice again. I thought I'd gotten them all this fall when we caught about 12 of them in traps. But once again they've made there presence shown with droppings all over the counters, in the drawers, and chewing the nipples off of bottles that were rolled under the couch or under Audrey's crib. Yuck! I really hate mice! We caught 2 the other night. That day I opened the door under the sink to get out the dishsoap and there sat a mouse on a sponge. After thoughlly freaking out and jumping up and down I tried to figure out a way to catch that sucker. It just sat there but as I tried to catch it in a bucket it ran off. A little while later Owen opened the cupboard there it sat a gain. This time Ethan thought he would take a crack at it with a dart. It got scared and ran off. I decided we better just set up a trap and sure enough not even 3 minutes later we heard the "snap"! Gotta get those rodents outta hear!

Ben and the three oldest boys are off ice fishing right now. They were so excited,. They just love fishing with Dad. We even gave them each one of there Christmas presents- sleds- so they can sled out on the lake. I hope they gets lots of fish because I could really go for a fish fry!

Well, I'm goign to go put the little kids down for a nap and maybe take one too- don't get this chance very often that the house is quiet.

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  1. Gross! I hate mice too - I don't know what it is about them but they are just so creepy! We've had a few in our basement but not for awhile - David always thought that his secret bait (Nacho Cheese Doritos) was what got them! A fish fry does sound good, hope they catch some for you!