Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lost Something???? I got you covered!

What's that?

You can't find something?

Well, you've come to the right place.

Because, apparently I'm the only one who can find anything in this house.

Maybe you feel that way at yours?

Or maybe I just have special powers!

Yeah, that's probably it!
I knew I was good for something.

Or maybe my family doesn't have any eyeballs.

You know- the 2 balls that are stuck in the middle of your head?

They must not have any.

They are constantly saying

"MooOOoM! I can't find my money"

"MOOOOM! I can't find my book."

"MOM, I can't find my shoes!"

or if I ask them to get the ketchup out of the fridge...
"I can't find it"

so I go over there and Amazing Mom is seeing it right in front of their face!

or this..

"Honey, have you seen my black shirt?

"Hon, have you seen my hooded sweatshirt?

"Babe, do you know where those really important papers are that you never saw and I put them somewhere but don't remember?"

Sure- I know where everything is!

And if I can't find it then its apparently MY FAULT because I probably threw them away!

I will now explain to you why I believe I have super powers!

While I was jammin at the Skillet concert I thought I'd call my sweet, dear husband and tell him how much fun I was having. But he was super grumpy, so I asked him what was wrong. He said he couldn't find his Montana Hunting License. ( this was important because he was planning on leaving to go to Montana on this hunting trip as soon as I returned home from the concert) I reminded him that I had asked him if he knew where it was a week before and he had said "Yes, I know where it is" so I had left it at that. That just seemed to irk him even more. He then told me that he had torn the house apart looking for it (thanks honey, that's just what I wanted to hear, that my house was going to be a disaster when I returned from my fun!, appreciate it!) and to no avail, he couldn't find it. I told him to look in the desk. He then got upset with me again saying he already did.Then he basically accused me of throwing it away just like everything else that I apparently throw away. (I must point out to you now, that I had never even seen these important papers!) So I said, I don't really want to get into this right now, I would like to enjoy my once a year fun.
I was dreading coming home to see the bear unleashed. I walked in the door and asked if he had found it yet. He said "No.", so I started looking. Started on the top of the fridge, then looked on the counter, in the pantry, and ended up at the desk. He then said, "I already looked in the desk, you won't find it." I said "o.k. but I want to check anyways." And can you guess what I found when I opened the third drawer? Yup, that right! The license was laying right there on the top of the stack of other papers!

Now do you believe me?

Yup, I have Super Powers!!!!

{or maybe he doesn't have any eyeballs}

I'm going to go with the Super Powers, it makes me feel more important!


  1. Hey I have this super power too! Either that my husband and kids are blind...the exact same things happen at my house too...and ALWAYS it's right there and it's not seen until I see it. Gerry will be just beside himself in frustration and I will walk up and say "it's right there", if it was any closer it would bite him. :) I get accused of throwing things away or that I put them somewhere. Dear lord, having these super powers isn't so fun! :)

  2. hmmm, well what to say? i am very against guy bashing in any way shape or form, BUT, in this case, it must be's a guy thing. just wait until audrey gets alittle older. you will be able to tell her to go get something and she will just go get it, without you having to draw her a map AND she will also be able to help out her brothers and dad as the female super powers start early ;)

  3. I want to be clear, that in no way I was trying to bash my husband. Maybe just a little venting is all. For all that I put him through- the least I can do is find his lost things once in a while. I was just trying to make something that can get very irritating sometimes into something humorous. Sometimes thats the only way I can process through my stressful situatons. And yes, it will be nice when Audrey grows up so I can have some "help" with all the lost things around here:)

  4. I am very much FOR guy bashing! It's venting, it's healthy, and it's normal!! We blog bash, they bash us to all their friends..hahahaha.. there isn't any difference! And we all know that we love our husbands.. we know you love Ben! We know that I love Travis.. but jeepers, they drive us crazy!! lol...

    This is 100% the exact fight that we have daily. I "throw everything" too.. but then I can find it right away!!

  5. the entire post i was completely agreeing with you!!
    i swear my family looks up at the ceiling, then to the wall, then to the floor directly at their feet, then to the other wall.
    i always say 'its not going to bite you and tell you i'm right here, you actually have to look'

    it never works, but i try.