Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hopefully He'll Forgive Me Someday.....

.........But I doubt it!

Owen has been sporting a new "look". He has taken over Audrey's Tutu which has annoyed her so much that I had to make her another one so they could both be wearing them. He loves wearing it and I'm sure Daddy will not be very happy to see that he won't take it off. I'm hoping we will be able to go to Ben's parents Christmas party tonight without too my hysarics when we won't let him where it there. I'm sure he'll live to regret this someday, but I am actually enjoying this little bit of entertainment since it has gotten quite boring around here with all the snow we've been getting lately.Nothing like a little boy pretending he's a princess to wipe away those winter blues! I can't wait to put these in the paper when he's 18 and to be able to bring out to show his girlriend someday.
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