Sunday, December 26, 2010

The "Mommy Blunder of All Time" Award goes to....


Thank you , thank you. I would like to thank my camera for offering the opportunity for this magical event. I would like to thank my husband for forgiving me for earning this award. And a special "thanks" to my kids will will undoubtedly never forgive me and will bring this up many times as the day mom ruined Christmas.

Would you like to hear about how I won this prestigious title? No? Too bad, I'm going to tell you anyways.

We had a lovely day spent at my parents home for Christmas Eve, which I spent most of the day trying to capture it all in photos. I admit I was being a little camera happy. ( You would too, if you finally had a nice camera for Christmas.)
Christmas morning was spent in the typical way, reading the Christmas Story for the Bible, opening presents and eating our typical breakfast tradition of Monkey bread and Orange Julius'. I was having such a great time capturing the kids excitement with my camera as they opened the gifts that we had gotten them. Audrey's face was precious as she opened hers that contained a kitty that meowed, purred ,and walked. Owen was so excited to get a big Tonka dump truck and the older boys were jumping up and down when they each opened up a new video game. Then there was me, jumping up and down when I opened a gift from Ben that was the famed Photo Shop. I could hardly wait to upload the program onto the computer.I started taking even more pictures just so I'd have more to edit on the new software. While waiting for it to upload, I decided to try to find the setting for taking pictures in the RAW form, but when I got to what I thought was that setting I was in fact in the card format and stupidly clicked OK instead of CANCEL. Just like that all the pictures were wiped clean off the camera and card. I panicked and cried. Desperately hoping for some chance that they would still be on there. But alas, it was not to be. I started to think about all the memories I'd captured on that card, all the moments I'll never again get to enjoy in the same exact way. I won't ever see those snapshot again. I now am trying to reconcile to myself that the pictures were not that important. I still have the memories, right?!?

This makes me think about when Jesus was born. About Mary. It says in Luke 2:19 :
But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.
 She didn't have a camera. But, she did treasure those moments and had the memories so she could remember that special time. The most important thing that could ever happened and she experienced it! And she DIDN'T HAVE A CAMERA!! Because of that I will try not to feel too bad that I lost all those precious pictures because I will still treasure those moments and I'm sure will ponder them many times in my heart.


  1. Joy, I am so sorry you lost the pictures but you just helped me. I lost my pics of Emilia, Elena and Sadye. For years, I have been upset that my computer part broke. This December, Tyson had someone look at it and they too said, "Nope, can't fix it!" I was so mad and in tears. I have looked in old emails, searched on sites I posted, and had family encourage me. I found pics the other day of the birth, but still missing many. To top it off, my old desk drawer was sealed up and moved when we had our Spring flood of 2009. NOONE has been able to find it since! I assume someone put it into a box:( The end of your blog hit home! I will always have the memories to ponder in my heart!♥ Thank you Joy!! Sorry it was under these circumstances.

  2. Sometimes I feel that I get too caught up in taking pictures and miss what's actually going my Aunt put it one time - "I had to decide if I wanted to watch that special moment through a viewfinder or with my own eyes to store in my memory". Sorry that happened - but I'm sure the loss of the pictures was nothing compared to the memories your children will have of that day!