Wednesday, April 21, 2010

.Ten on Tuesday.

1. Sand. Sand. More sand. Don't get me wrong I love having a big sandbox, the kids spend lots of time in it, but what I don't like about it is the constant dragging it throughout the house and dumping of shoes filled with it onto my floors and furniture.

2.Laundry. It. Never. Ends.
I don't think I've ever been truly "caught up" on this task. I've been close many times but then right away someone will wet their pants and the piles begin again.

3.I guess I shouldn't be doing this 10 on Tuesday sonce in about 4 minutes it will be Wednesday....oops.

4. I stay up WAY TOO late every night. Why? I'm not sure but I think I get a burst of energy after the kids are put to bed and its quiet.{ or maybe its that diet mt. dew that I've been drinking after I put them to sleep?} Anyways, I need to stop this because I'll worthless in the A.M because of my night owl habits!

5. Owen has been really a funny little man lately. He is constantly making us laugh with his silly ways. And I just about melt everytime he says "i love you mommy". That boy with his dark, chocolatey eyes turns me to mush with every look!

6. We have been really enjoying our camper. We all slept in it the night that Ben brought it home. It was a bit very chilly since we didn't have it hooked up to the electrical yet but the kids thought it was the coolest! It's almost like we added on to our house because the kids have been playing and hanging out in there. They have all their legos out there too.They were telling me all day yesterday that they were going to be sleeping out here every night. But then when I went to go tuck them in and pray for them, they got really scared and ended up lugging all their bedding back in the house.

7.Now its I stop here?? Nope going to keep chugging along.

8.We are headed to the cabin this weekend. Ben is going to be cutting down trees to use in buidling his gun shop. Its going to look like a little log cabin and he's very extremely excited about this venture. Ben definately has a visionary spirit. Always coming up with a BIG plan. I get very frustrated with this sometimes and end up getting angry when he doesn't finish the things he's set out to accomplish.I know that God gave him this personality for His purpose, even if I can't see why sometimes! It was probably one of the reasons I was attracted to him in the first place. He had big dreams I wanted to be a part of them.Over the last 8(almost nine) years of marriage I've learned not to say "I told you so"{at least not as much!} and just encourage his adventurous spirit.

9. Blake learned how to ride his bike last week. He is thrilled at this accomplishment. He and Ethan have been going on lots of rides down our long driveway. He does seem to wipe out quite a bit but he's a tough little bugger and just get right back on again for another try. Blake has really been growing up latley. I was reading through some of my first post on here the other day and realized he isn't getting into nearly as much mischief as he used to! He has become alot more loving and caring. He loves to draw pictures for Audrey and myself. And is always ready to give me a hug or kiss.

10. I think thats enough. I need to go to bed so I can get up to care for my children when they decide that I don't need anymore sleep{ and because they are starving.} Tomorrow will be another day that I will teach them, love them, kiss their owies, break up lots of arguments, encourage them, and realize that I am the luckiest most blessed woman in the world because I get to be their Mother!


  1. Love that last picture!!! And I LOVE your camper!! What a awesome way to be with your family and enjoying the land! And ditto to everything else you said. :)

  2. Excited for camping this summer! Hopefully we can all figure out a weekend that will work for a bunch of us! Way to go Blake on riding your bike!