Thursday, April 22, 2010

Must NOT love dogs.

I've never been a big animal lover. It might be because we had so many growing up and I hated all the chores(especially cleaning out the hog barns on Saturdays) But if I had to pick an animal that I dislike the least is dogs. We have three of them. One Chocolate Lab and two Black Labs. Our chocolate, Sophie, we got when Clint was a baby. She's about 8 years old and just at the stage I like, very calm and not excitable. however our other two I have to say I DO NOT LIKE THEM! The dislike I have for Brutis probably stems from the fact that Ben brought him home 2 winters ago when I was 8 months prego and taking care of a puppy that loved to poop in his little kennel was NOT what I wanted to do. I could hardly bend over and with Ben gone on the road all week I was the one who had to clean up after him. Ruby, our newest addition, is here because puppy sales are not very good and we couldn't find a buyer.

She chews up everything.

Yes, I know. Puppies do chew alot. All of our dogs have went through this stage. I just don't like it. I was hoping to never have to deal with it again. I can't have any flower beds because they chew and dig them up. I've even tried to just use potted flowers hanging on shepherds hooks but somehow they can even get to those. All of the bird feeders I've had have been chewed to bits. So many shoes and toys have gone the way of a chewed up doggy bone that I can't even count that high. Last week one of my favorite pairs of Audrey's little sandles somehow fell out of the van and was chewed up.

About an hour ago I somehow had the two youngest taking naps and I though "YEA!!! Sometime to go sit in the sun and read a good book". But of course that lasted all of 10 minutes before Owen woke up and then Audrey about 2 minutes later. When I went to get Audrey I stupidly left my blanket, pillow and new book outside. I wasn't even in the house 5 minutes, when I go out and see all 3 dogs laying on my blanket. I run out there yelling (so loudly the closet town 6 miles away probably heard me).By the time I get over there Ruby was ripping up my book. I mean come on!

So I'm asking you! Who wants a dog? You can have her for FREE! We usually sell our dogs for  about $600-700. Its a good deal, but you have to come and get her today!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like dogs much. I mean I *like* dogs - I like to pet them and play with them, but I don't particularly like being a dog owner! We have a St. Bernard and he's a good dog, but my husband (who insisted on having a HUGE dog!) doesn't give him ANY attention, so he gets bored and gets into trouble. I don't blame the dog - I blame him! I much prefer my kitties, thank you. They are so much easier and more fun for me.
    PS: Destructive dogs - yep, been there, bought the T-shirt. That is a VERY hard habit to break them of - it becomes their form of entertainment. We gave away a very expensive Golden Retriever too because of the same problem. Dogs ARE a pain!

  2. Haha! I'm with you! You couldn't pay me to take her! ;) Eli knows better than to think I'd actually take care of a dog while he's gone! Good for you taking care of them anyway! :)

  3. I know the feeling.. I tried to give my dog away earlier this week!! ha! ha!

    Have you tried those big huge raw hide things? my dog will usually chew those instead of anything else, but we didn't get one for a few weeks and he distroyed the couch in our garage.. ugh.. good luck!

  4. I'm on the same "Dog" page as you...I like the older, calm ones but not the naughty puppies! David always teases that he is going to bring one home and I always say, well you better make sure they take pets at your new place! :)