Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The post in which I blubber so much it's embarrassing!

This week has been Cr.a.zy!
Right now, the kids are sprawled out in a living room with no couches. Only blankets and pillows on the floor. Watching Kung Fu Panda 2. I had a hard time getting little K down for the night since I usually sit on the couch and nurse him til he's asleep and watch JAG ( remember JAG? love that show). he thought it was WAY too much fun to try and climb on the older kids than go to sleep. Had to go up and rock him in my room and listen to Ben snore for quite a while to get him down.
 The reason the kids are on the floor, you ask? Well, Dad and a couple of Uncles came around today and stripped the house of all Living Room furniture and their beds. They are thinking its pretty neat! I'm thinking last night was the last night I would tuck them into their tight, make you claustrophobic, squished as sardines bedroom. I wish I would have know it was to be the last night.
I'm sentimental like that.
Want to know what else I'm sentimental about? 
well, more like the picture in the frames.
The ones that were way up high and way in the back of the closet I was digging stuff out of today.
Could have had a big cry fest if I wouldn't have been being rushed to get the trailer filled.
So many frames of this woman as a new bride with her handsome groom. So many pictures of this woman as a new mommy with her little wee ones. So many photos of this woman when she was just a girl that thought she was so old and smart and knew everything. The girl moved into this house as a blushing bride just back from her Honeymoon, never knew that she was going to be filling this small little house with lots of babies, lots of laughter, lots of loudness, and most importantly lots of love. That girl never would have thought she would be living in the house more than 11 years later. She never would have suspected the struggles she would have. Never would have dreamt of the wonderful memories made here. Never would have thought of all the many birthdays celebrated here. Never known how she could have had so much joy living in this little house- not that she loved the house by any means, but about how many things made this house a home. The home where she put her little babies in their bassinets when they were brought home from the hospital. The home where she cleaned up sick kids messes. The home where she kissed so many "owies". The home where her babies took their first steps, their first falls. The home where she taught her children their school lessons. The home where you could never whisper a secret because someone could hear it no matter how quiet you where :) The home with only one bathroom and it was in the second story. The house that I potty trained 5 children ( some while very pregnant, climbing those stairs thousands of times!)
I will never forget the memories made in this little house under the Big Oaks. The house that has given me mounds of stories, of killing all the mice that tried to live with us. The never ending battle of spiders. The feeling of being so squished and trapped in the winter. The freezing in our bedrooms and being able to see your breath while you lay under layers of heavy blankets. The feeling of the wood stove, the sound of the wood crackly in the flames.
Even though our house was small, it was filled with love ( I know major cheese fest! - I am feeling that was right now!) And we always hoped when friends and family visited that they felt welcome and at home. I am super excited about the new bigger house and I'm sure we will make lots of new memories that I will go on and on about. Its just hard to leave something that's been a part of you for so long. Even if it drove you crazy, and you felt like you wanted it to burn to the ground ( when no one was in it , of course) and also be the one to light the match;) So we will say good bye, little house under the Mighty Oaks. You held our family and kept us safe. Thank you for all the life we have lived inside of you. And of all the memories that were made here, the mice will be the thing I won't miss at all!
That the end of my blubbering. For tonight anyways.

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  1. It is always hard to have part of your life be over. Soon your new house will be full of love and happy times and no mice!!