Friday, August 10, 2012

Storm Damage

Remember This Post?

Father's Day 2012
Well. The rest of the tree fell. The wrong way!
 It was our last hope chance of the tree falling on our house. Well, the Lord decided that I would not be getting a new house- this way anyways!

The storm was a nasty one- the damage in our area was horrible- there were fams just about destroyed. We were very thankful that no one was injured. We were very happy to have been at Ben's parents house during the storm and they have a nice safe basement to go in. 

This tall pine tree was bent and the botton of the trunk is broken so it willl need to come down soon or it will come down itself in another storm.

We were without power for a couple days which was very difficult. I definitly would not make a very good pioneer woman! I'm amazed at how much I depend on electricity!

At least we will have LOTS of wood to keep our wood stove going this winter!

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