Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting caught up and some things we've learned in the last 11 years

I have Internet again!
I've been dying to get on here and share our summer but haven't been able to due to our Internet being down.
On Father's Day there was a huge storm in our area and in the process must have moved our satellite. I think they have fixed it now, thankfully!
I had great plans to share a post about what Ben and I have learned being married 11 years, which we celebrated June 30th.
I will share a bit of the answers Ben and I wrote down.
What We've Learned in 11 years of Marriage
  1. Money disappears ( not sure that's because of me;)
  2. Love doesn't (Ahhhh- he's a sweetie:)
  3. Time Flies
  4. Kids are ALOT of work!
  5. Hunting is as fun as it was 12years ago ( not sure how I'm supposed to feel about that one!)
  1. I'm not as smart as I thought I was.
  2. I'm selfish.
  3. I can't force him to do anything!
  4. The hole in the ceiling will never be fixed.
  5. The wads of gum that Ben sticks to the shower will never be taken down unless I do it.
  6. I have never regretted marrying the guy!
  7. He still makes me laugh:)
These are just some of the silly things we came up with- there definitely are many more and even more reasons why I would never go back and change anything!


I will probably be mass posting today to get caught up!

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