Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Story of Us

Once upon a time {about 15 years ago} there was a 14 year old girl and a 16 year old boy. They had some big crushes going on for each other. He called her. He asked her "out". She said yes. Their parents thought they were pretty young. Thought they didn't know what they wanted. They fell in love. The boy was always telling the girl that he was going to marry her. She liked the idea but really didn't want him telling her what she would do. So she broke up with him. She started to believe her parents, that they were too young for this kind of relationship. The boy was heartbroken. He was mad. He decided that he would get her back by making her incredibly jealous. She went on with her life, having fun with her friends. But there was always that little spark of love in her heart for him. Meanwhile the boy started to lift weights, get a pickup, start to hang around some other girls. After about a year of being without each other, the girl started to miss the boy. She started seeing him with his cool pickup, his big strong muscles, hanging out with different girls and she got jealous { just what he wanted}. He wasn't about to ask her out again, so the girl had to call the boy up this time and get him back. The good thing was, he still wanted her back so it wasn't too hard. They fell in love again. They were a little bit older and knew what they wanted.

They dated for a few more years. Then one night the boy came over to her house and sat on the porch swing with the girls dad. He asked for the the girls hand. The dad said "Are you sure you want her? She's kind of a handful" Thankfully the boy said "Yes".

The next day the boy and the girl were going to go take some carpet to her sisters house. The girl picked up the boy. He said he had to run up to his room to get some socks. She followed him. Instead of pulling out some socks he pulled out a ring. He asked. She said yes.

Ten years ago, she wore a beautiful white dress, he looked handsome in his black tux. She walked down the aisle. He was waiting. He smiled. She smiled. They both said "I Do".

Ten years later, the boy and the girl now have 4 boys and 1 girl and 1 more little one on the way. He works hard to provide what his family needs. She takes care of their children. They have gone though the trials that most married couples go through, but they've made it through with more love than they had before. They might not have alot of money, may not live in a fancy house {or even a big house}, but they have a big love.

They would do it all over again.

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  1. Happy Anniversary ~ LOVE your story! Sounds a little like mine! :) So glad that you two had a chance to get away and spend some time together, after 10 years and 5+ kids - it was definitely well earned!!