Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy (belated) Birthday to my girl!

I'm extremely late is posting this. I will take the bad mom award for this. But I have been feeling pretty lousy lately with this pregnancy going in full force right now so maybe I have somewhat of an excuse.

Happy 2nd Birthday
Audrey Elizabeth!
( her birthday was last Friday- you can get on my case if you must! naughty mama!)

You are such a blessing to us. You are indeed our little girlie-girl! Always loving anything frilly, pink, and sweet! You are so beautiful. Your smile lights up our hearts and gives me the butterflies! I love how your little girlie arms will wrap around my neck with a big hug and your kisses are the sweetest thing ever! Your brothers are so in love with you, they can't believe how fun it is to have a sister. They would protect you with everything in them. You are Daddy's little princess. He loves his "girl"! We love watching you as you are growing out of being a baby and into a little girl. We look forward to seeing what a beautiful little lady you will become. Happy Birthday my sweetie pie, I hope you know how much you are loved and cherished! 


We had her birthday party at a nearby park and invited lots of cousins and friends to celebrate with us.
It was a very sticky, humid day, but we had lots of fun!

Little stinker was trying to sneak a cupcake before everyone got there!

We went though almost 6 gallons of lemonade! I did say it was hot out!

I made 72 cupcakes and there were only a handful left!

Mama and the birthday girl:)

Audrey and Owen with a few of their cousins.

She was so ready to blow out those candles we didn't even make it to the end of the song:)

Only part of cake Audrey will eat....the frosting! She gets that from her Daddy!

She received many lovely things from her guests. She loved every single thing!

And she ate almost an entire tube of chap stick!

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