Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've been wanting to get on here to write for a while but just haven't mustered up the mind power to actually come up with anything interesting. This little baby inside of me is sucking out my brain ( what's left of it anyways after the 5 previous ones did there best to rid me of it!).

Random things that I can somehow remember that have happened since my last post. They will probably not be in order of when they actually took place. I'm too lazy to look at a calender to try and recreate the order of events.

{1} There is in fact a real live baby inside of me! I heard the proof! The little heartbeat was be-bopping away in the 160's range:) Such a fun moment! I LOVE hearing my babies heartbeats for the first time!

{2} As most of you know- I have had to deal with Blood Pressure issues since they made their appearance when I was pregnant with the Oyster (Owen). I've been on medication since then and have figured I would always be on it. But when I found out I was expecting again I stopped taking the med mostly because there was a warming to NOT take if you are pregnant. I hoped that things would be ok until I would go to the Dr. So when I had my first appt. my BP was really high- like 160/96 or something. They figured I was just freaking out a bit from worrying about what my BP would be like at the drs. They let me lay down for a few minutes and took it and it had dropped quite a bit. So now I'm just monitoring it myself and it hasn't gotten out of control as of yet. I"m really hoping I won't have to go back on the meds because the ones I can take when your pg have annoying side affects. Please pray that I can avoid these this time around!

{3} Last night at last minute we decided to go to the carnival in a nearby town. They kids were super excited and I just really wanted some mini- donuts! When we got there people were lining up for a parade that we didn't know was happening. We had some really happy kids to get parade candy and they made out like bandits with all the sugar they were able to score! The kids got to go on a couple rides each ( because when you have 5 kids I gets spendy really, really fast!) They enjoyed the ones they got to go one and Ethan was screaming and Blake was pretty scared but they had a blast.

{4}I feel like I'm getting out of the sick stage of this pregnancy. I usually have a bad day every other day now. I'm 13 weeks now so I'm guessing it should end very soon ( I'm hoping!). I'm so tired though- I have to try and get a nap in everyday or I end up feeling really sick by the evening. Its nice that Owen and Audrey still take naps and I can usually get the older boys to watch a movie or  do something quiet while I rest.

{5} Ben and I are looking forward to this week. We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary on Thursday. We have always said that for our 10th we would do something BIG like a cruise or a some other amazing vacation. But when you add 5 kids in, more bills than you can handle and Ben's busy work schedule with no vacation time trying to make that dream possible isn't very easy or realistic. I had at least hoped to get out of this state! But alas, it was not meant to be. I'm just thankful that we are able to get away, just the 2 of us, for some fun and be able to relax. We are doing it major cheap-O! We are going to pull our camper to Taylor's Falls and go camping and maybe some canoeing, go on a ferry boat tour, try the Alpine slides and if I can convince Ben, maybe some go-carts:)  I am sooooo excited about this time we get to spend with each other. We haven't went anywhere just the 2 of us for longer than one night since we got married so this will be a very big treat! I'm so thankful to Ben's sister and her husband for their willingness to stay with our kids for a couple nights and fro Ben's parents for taking them for a night also. It is insanely difficult to find people to watch all your kids for 1 night much less 3 nights!

{6} We have some new pets. I do not like them. I despise them. Raccoons. Two of them. A couple weeks ago we had a whole family of them living in a tree next to our house. Ben went out with his manly self and disposed of them in a typical manly way. With a gun. Of course it had to be his biggest, baddest gun because let's face it, he really doesn't have enough chances to use that spendy, scary gun enough. While he was out ridding our place of those pesky varmints, I was crouched on the floor covering my ears from the scary thought of him missing the raccoons and the bullets going into the house. Thankfully my Benny is quite an excellent shot and was able to get a few of those naughty things including a big mama coon. Unfortunately, this left a bunch of baby raccoons wandering around our yard wondering where their mama went. We killed a couple of them but then the boys decided they wanted them as pets and caught 2 of them with fishing nets and put them in a pet carrier. They've been feeding them and yesterday when I demanded that they let them go, the stinky little things refused to leave. Now we have to raccoons sticking close by our place. I'm really hoping they leave so this Mama doesn't have to take things into her own hands and dispose of those creatures! Coon Skin Hats anyone??!!

So now Audrey just informed me that she has a messy pants so I'll leave you for now and hopefully continue regaling you with all the very exciting happenings of our crazy household. ( being very sarcastic of course, our life is not very exciting- just loud!) I will for sure be writing some mushy stuff about my dear Hubby this week, I'm sure you all can't wait to read ;-P.

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  1. So glad that you are starting to feel better and that you B/P has been manageable so far!! Super excited for you and Ben to get some time together, I'm sure you will have a blast! No coon skin hats for me - you can maybe make something out of them for newborn photos ;)