Thursday, February 17, 2011

To get caught up....

I have much to get caught up on here but just have been too lazy to do, so I'm hoping to get it all in 1 post. If it gets too long for you, feel free to leave without finishing it, its mostly just for me anyways, so I don't forget these things.

* Blake's Birthday: We celebrated by going to Carlito's ( a Mexican restaurant in town). Yummy food and Blake even got to take home a Pinata. We took the pinata to Grandma's house and let the kids have at it there with some of their cousins.

* The {Love} Party : We had a valentine's party with our playgroup and it was fabulous. The kids had a blast doing some very fun crafts that some of the Mama's planned and everyone brought yummy food. I love my friends in this group. We always have lots of fun together letting the kids run wild!

*Sledding. We conquered the great Darwin Hill again with our friends after the {love} party. The day was beautiful and unseasonable warm. The kids declared it "The BEST Day Ever". Which does make a Mama smile:)

* Talking about the has. been. WONDERFUL! We have been really enjoying being able to finally get outside and it actually being fun and not feeling like you were turning to an ice cube the moment you stepped outside!We had so much fun making snowmen. The boys have been waiting forever for the snow to be sticky enough to do that. Audrey actually got to play outside for the 1st time since this long cold winter started. She loved it. The only thing is, she doesn't have any winter boots. only some dressy suede ones. Those doesn't exactly work for what our yard has become- a mud/water puddle lovers dream. I went to Target today in hopes of finding some but there were none to be found and they already have flip flops out. I mean seriously! It's only February, Target people- we probably have a couple months left of winter! So if anyone has any size 6/7 size toddler boots they aren't wanting anymore- I'll take em:)

* We are super excited that Daddy took a few days off this week. We aren't planning anything exciting but its just fun to have him around and him being able to get caught up on some things around the house. Not much gets done when he only has 1 day off a week!

* Yesterday, I took Owen and Audrey to their cousins Melina and Gianna's birthday party. We had a fabulous time and my sister always puts together quite a food spread. Hobo Tacos were delish and 2 kinds of cake. We were very stuffed and played out when we got home.

* We are really enjoying our wood stove. But it does keep the kids and Ben awfully busy busy with cutting down the dead trees out in our "woods" and the kids have been learning how to split wood and keeping the wood box full in the house. I love watching them out there- brings back lot of memories of when I had to do that very thing when I was little.

That should about do it for now. Hope you all have a great rest of the week :)


  1. Your collages rock. Jealous... and I will prolly be doing one next time I have something fun to blog about ;) ;)

    Sarah W.

  2. I agree with Sarah! Great pics and great layout! I wondered if your kids celebrated LOVE day! My girls made a few cards for the neighbors. I was hoping the co-op would have done.

  3. I love the collages too! So glad it's been warm enough to get outside - but now it's getting kind of icky/wet so that's no fun either! The snowmen were cute - wish we would have made some!