Saturday, February 26, 2011

5 on Friday Saturday

{1}Since last Sunday was Clint's birthday and we were set for having another blizzard, the thought of being stuck in our house and not being able to have Clint's Uncle Michael and cousin Jadan stay over night was not an option. We decided to pack up and move to my Mom's for a couple days to ride out the storm. My sister and her kids were up staying at my mom's and it seemed like a good way to celebrate. We had lots of laughs and stayed up way to late talking. Always fun going to my Mama's house. Plus, she is cooking and baking the entire time so you feel like you can't move the whole time that you just sit around and eat some more. It was a good thing someone was able to plow out my driveway the next day or they may have had to roll me out the door. 

{2} On Wednesday we headed on a trip to the Children's Museum with a bunch of friends.

 We had a great time, even though I was rear ended by one of my friends an the way there {no one was hurt!} and we had to wait like 45 minutes for the sheriff's dept just to show up to do an accident report and then another 15-20 minutes for him to do it.

 I had thought that maybe I shouldn't drive the rest of the way with out rear light/blinker and a bumper hanging down {which Sarah, Nicole and I ripped off}, but we made it to the museum without any problems other that another car laying on the horn for me trying to change lanes without a blinker. The kids always have a blast there and Owen keeps asking when we can go again. I think it will be a little while for even though it was fun I could have done without Audrey vomiting all over herself on the way home and no napkins or wipes to clean her up. Only her blanky. Totally disgusting. Makes me want to just stay home for awhile.

{3} Ben took the van in to get an estimate done for repairs on the van and it looks like they'll just end up totaling it. The estimate was $57XX and I'm guessing they won't think that its worth it to fix it. So we are looking for a new ride.

{4} In the meantime, we are borrowing Ben's parents 15 passenger van. The kids think it is the most awesome thing ever! They each have their own row except Owen and Audrey who are in the 1st row. I do have to admit that it is very nice to not have to deal with all the fighting that normally goes on because they are all squished together, not to mention the fact that I can hardly hear them way back there. Makes for a pleasant driving experience. Ben is thinking about buying it from him parents, but I was hoping to get a Suburban. But we all know that I will give in and we'll be driving the van. So please don't make fun of me when you see me on the road. I never thought I'd become one of "them". You know "the Big Van Family" that I've always made fun of! But if I start wearing my hair in a long braid down my back and start wearing denim jumpers, will someone please knock me out?!

{5}I want to sew. It is one of my New Year's resolutions and I really need to get started. i found a really cute pattern for some baby bibs and was planning on starting last night but got to tired or lazy and put it off. I really just need to learn HOW to use my sewing machine. I'm very intimidated by it and it doesn't help that Ben always remarks that HE could teach me. That really annoys me but I'm thinking of taking him up on it. I mean he did earn a purple ribbon at the fair on a lap quilt he made. I even think he made some place mats for his Aunt's wedding. Yes, you can make fun of him, he's very secure in his manhood and is actually proud of his abilities.


  1. denim jumpers! and braids!! laughing right now!!!! You know I would never make fun of you, I have wanted one of those for years! I am sort of wondering if you may be the beginning of a new trend.... someone has to start it with our generation :) :)

    I can't believe your damage was that much!! I would have never, ever guessed that! CRAZY!

    Sarah W.

  2. an adventurous life you lead! too bad about the van, but, at least no one was hurt. denim jumpers...hmmmm...well, now that you are sewing, maybe you could just whip one up!