Sunday, February 27, 2011


I did it!
 I actually did it!

I sewed something!!

And even though it doesn't look like much and the stitching isn't the greatest and straightest, I'm actually quite excited about it!

 I was having the hardest time with the dumb bobbin and the tension on my machine. I seriously had to rip out the thread at least 10 times. Very frustrating. But I got it done and can't wait to make some more.
I still have to decide what I'm going to use as a closure- any ideas on what would be best? I was thinking either Velcro or a snap.
And please, if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong or any tips for me, help a mother out!

The best part about this project was it didn't cost me a thing! Old jeans that were headed to the trash, ribbon off a gift, and a receiving blanket I didn't need anymore.

Check it out! Her bibs turned out so much cuter than mine, but I really just have a simple sewing machine that doesn't have any fancy stitches. Hopefully I can do better at my next attempts :)


  1. joy, these look great...way to go! my mom makes bibs like these (though, not as cute!) to sell at craft sales. she uses velcro, but if you do, make sure you put more than a tiny piece on ;)

    because you are sewing through extra thickness, you may just need to adjust the pressure of the foot. maybe.

  2. joy i especially like the demin one!! super cute! my sister made bibs for me and used a snap closure... i really like the snaps. but i am sure you will be happy with either!!

    i love them!

  3. Those bibs are so cute! I always get too frustrated with starting new projects - like learning to sew or knit and I give up pretty easy! Keep it up though - I'm sure it will get easier as you go along!