Thursday, February 17, 2011

After 9 long months of waiting it could only mean 1 thing!

I'm still screaming inside!!!!
I have a new WATER SOFTENER!!!!!!
Seriously, the best thing that has happened this year!
For the last 9 months I have been without one.
Which has made my life pretty much miserable.
From having to run all my "whites" to Ben's family's farm (where there is a softener and washing machine) so we wouldn't have big orange rust stains on all our clothes
to having to wash all the dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher because the dishes came out dirtier than when they went in in the first place.
Not to mention the havoc its created with my sinks and toilet and shower being stained almost beyond repair with a nasty orange rust.
I've tried not to complain too much but it did grate on a persons nerve to have to load all the kids up in the nastiest part of winter numerous times a week just to wash clothes. Lots of times I thought about just letting the kids wear their underwear dirty!
I feel like you will never understand how amazing and wonderful getting this water softener will mean to me. It will literally save me hours every day! And with teaching school and managing 5 children I will forever ( for a long time, anyways) be Thankful for what Ben bough me today!


  1. I was thrilled when we got a new one last year too... and we have city water so it's not nearly as bad with the rust... but still..your skin is going to feel amazing after a shower again :) That's what I noticed first!

    Sarah W.

  2. Yah for you! That's definitely exciting to a Mama! I remember when I had to load the laundry up in Landon's wagon and haul him and the dirty clothes up town to the laundromat! No fun at all - especially when the basket would tip out of the wagon going down the hill, I'm sure it was a site to see! :)