Monday, February 28, 2011

Potty Mouth

It has begun....

The crazy time known as

Potty Training.

I know,I know, I should have started a long time ago,
 I mean he's been 3 for some weeks now!
He just wasn't ready.
{ or maybe I was just too lazy to run up the stairs to our only bathroom every 15 minutes!}

I bought him some "big boy unnerwear" complete with super heroes plastered all over them{which I must say are WAY too overpriced for some pieces of cotton that are going to be stained with nastiness is just a matter of days!} 2 weeks ago. We have tried them a few times but I usually give up by mid morning because I forget to take him to go in the middle of school.

Today is the day though.

 And it has been going fantastically! No accidents yet today! Not even during his nap { although I DID put a diaper on him for that just in case, I'm not THAT brave}! He is very excited about going "pee" and "poo" in the potty! And I am super excited about not having to change those diapers on his {much too old for going in a diaper} butt again! He is just too darn cute sitting on that seat with that little butt holding himself up so he doesn't fall in!

In other potty news...

Today, I started using Cloth Diapers again on Audrey.
I was so exited when I remembered that I can finally start using them now because we have soft water again!
Her little bum is super cute in those adorable padded fabrics.

Oh and Audrey woke up this morning with the contents of her diaper all over her bed, blankets, and her . Don't you just love it when your kids decide that they want to surprise you first thing in the morning with that? { and NO, she wasn't in a cloth diaper yet - those darn disposables }

Well, I'm not sure about you, but I'm had enough "potty" talk for one day!


  1. Good Luck with the potty training!It sounds like it's off to a fairly good start! I'm debating whether to try and start with Kenlie before the baby comes or just wait 'til after...pros and cons to each I guess! I keep going back and forth on the cloth/disposable with her but she seems to get irritated after a day or two of the cloth - not sure what the deal is...I rinse them twice and use a pretty gentle detergent on them, who knows!?

  2. You're a cloth diaper mama, too? I am but mostly due to saving money! Which brings me to my second point.
    I would LOVE your bread recipe.
    It sounds amazing!
    And why does it sound amazing?
    Because you said it was.
    And now I'm drooling and wanting some!
    Can I get the recipe?