Friday, December 11, 2009


1. Big Butts! When Clint was 5, everynight when I would tuck him into bed he would always say to me " I love you, you are a beautiful woman! " I don't know why he would say this or what started it but it went on for about 2 years. Then when Ethan was about 5, not to be outdone by his big brothers, yells to me..."Mom, Mommy, Mom............I LOVE your BIG BUTT! " It was sooooo funny, I couldn't stop laughing, which led to them saying that to me for quite a few night later. I seriously think he thought this would be a nice thing to say. i still laugh when I think about it :)

2. Boys, boys, and more boys!!! I haven't for a loooong time thought I would have a daughter! Once when I only had Clint and Ethan, I had my little brothers over ( who are not much older than my kids). We where on a walk down our driveway ( I can still see it ) My brother Isaac was out in front, then Brother Josiah, and next baby brother Michael followed by Clint running and myself pushing Ethan in the stroller. Five boys in a row, spaced by about 2 yrs in age. I had a thought that this was going to be me someday- 5 BOYS!!!! Now I know that didn't happen but I wonder what it would have been like had that happened ( boy, I'm glad it didn't ;-)

3. ginger Bread houses. I know that this doesn't start with B but I really want to tell about the fun time we had yesterday. We got together with a bunch of our friends and made grahm cracker ginger bread houses. My kids were mostly excited about eating the candy rather than putting it on a house! I think throughout the entire time we were there Owen had candy in his mouth constantly. Ethan and Blake helped for about 10 minutes before they got bored of it and decided to play with their friends instead. Clint hung out the longest making it until we only had one side left. I think it turned out pretty good. I'm already wondering how long it will take before they eat it. I told them they have to wait unitl Christmas Eve. But Owen's already been on the table about 4 times trying to pick the candy off.

4. butter. Audrey has been dealing with a bad case of cradle cap. I have such a hard time trying to keep myself from picking at it. The other day, someone told me that they used butter on their baby's head and that it worked. So, I had to try it. I was amazed at how fast it came off (all of it too! ). But after giving her a bath and washing her hair 3 times, the butter has NOT come out! He hair is soooooo greasy. I'll never do that again! I would rather just keep that cradle cap than having my baby smell like popcorn for a week!

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  1. LOL...I love your big butt! I laughed so hard when I read this. I love your house...I am sure they will be eating at this every chance they can. I have thought about making one with Jordan and Nevaeh. How long did it take? I had heard about butter for cradle "crap" but never tried it. That' too bad that it won't come out! Happy Friday! XX