Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I am a terrible blogger!!

O.K, I admit that I'm not doing very well at this whole blogging thing but I think it scares me a little bit! Its very daunting, especially after looking through others blogs and seeing what a good job they do at it. So, in an effort to get on here more I'm going to be copying something my friend has done on her blog- an Alphabet Challange. Everyday my topics will start with a different letter of the day. Today will be A ( duh, it should be easy enough but I'm sure I'll struggle with it-I'm not the smartest nut out there!) So here goes it.......

1.  Audrey (of course)! I'm so excited to start with my one and only favorite daughter!! She makes life so happy! She is such a smiley little girl. One just had to look at her and her whole face lights up. Just thinking about her makes ME smile :)

2.Accidents (of the potty kind). I have had to deal with WAY TOO many of these! So many of my funny stories have started out all because of some kind potty problem- in fact some day I hope to write a book titled " It's Just a Little Poop On the Floor"

3. Annoying. I think this is one of my favorite words! My kids are always annoying me! In face at this moment my 2 favorite annoyances are annoying me! Blake is blowing on my face and Ethan is saying "Mom, Mommy. Mom, moooommmmy, can I have a yogurt or can you make me a plane. MOM!!!Mommy. I'm soo so starving! Mom, can't I just tell you one thing!!! 

4. Apple. I don't know why but trying to come up with A topics just keep me saying A,a Apple. We have been using Sing, Spell, Read and ,Write since Clint was in Kindergarten and he finally finished it . Now Ethan has started it. It has made teaching the kids how to read so easy. I'm really happy with this program. (great now I'm humming the phonics song: A,a Apple, B,b Ball, C,c Cat, and D,d Doll...........)

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  1. :) love this! I'll be checking in for the rest of the apple :) AND I want a signed copy of that book when you're finished!