Tuesday, December 15, 2009


1. Wish you a Merry Christmas! Every Christmas seems to get more and more stressful. Money is always tight.I am always worrying that we won't be able to do our shopping for the kids and that we won't be able to afford to buy them what they want. But by the time Christmas gets here, I"m always amazed that everything usually works out. I don't know why I stress about this stuff because I don't want my kids learning that Christmas is not about presents and everything being perfect, its about Jesus' birth and the HOPE we have because he was born so long ago. Its just that I'm a worrier. I worry about everything. It drives me crazy!!!! This year I'm trying to not worry so much, realize that more than anything I need to just cherish my kids while they are young, and stop thinking about what might not get done.

2. Cookies..... We made Christmas Cutout Cookies today. Normally I start my Christmas baking a couple days after Thanksgiving, but this year I have started until today. Why? I started a diet the beginning of November. I've lost 14 lbs so far and I just haven't wanted to tempt myself with all the yummy treats! The boys keep asking when we are going to start making Christmas cookies and I decided today was the day. I probably won't make all the different kinds I normally make because I just have way too much of a sweet tooth and not enough self control to NOT eat them! It kinda sucks but I'm sure I'll thank myself when the holidays are over and I haven't gained that holiday weight!

3. Carmels. I made carmels for the 1st time this year and its soooo much easier than I thought it would be!I made some around THanksgiving and made a double batch on Sunday to give as gifts for some of the kids teachers at church. Owen loves them- he is always standing next to the cuboard I keep them in and just keeps saying "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" i can't help but give him lots cause its just so darn cute! I wasn't thinking when I made them though and ran out of wax paper to wrap them in- so i have the ones that didn't get wrapped in wax paper in plastic wrap until I can get some more. This time I ended up with almost 200 carmels.

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  1. Isn't it sad that such a time as Christmas is so stressful? The thing is it all happens as it is suppose to. We have no money this year for Christmas and yes part of me aches because of it yet in other ways I feel more peaceful and free. The thing is, we could "have" a commercial Christmas if we wanted to...but we refuse to charge things like this. So many people struggle at this time of year and it breaks my heart.

    I'm glad that you made carmels. It really is fun isn't it?