Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh, a camping we will go....

The kids were thrilled that we finally taking them camping.
I mean, summer is about over and we hadn't taken them even once this whOOOle summer. Such mean parents!
But when your daddy is a truck driver its hard to make time for camping.
A big group of our friends were all camping together and we'd really wanted to go with them but didn't know until the night before if it would work out for us. So we hurried up and packed the camper up and headed out there.
I think we all really needed it. The kids rode their bikes all over, swam alot and just had fun being together. My favorite part is after we get the kids to bed and all up grown ups can sit around the fire and laugh and relax. We only stayed 2 night but we were thoroughly wiped out by the time we made it home.
I'm hoping we can get one more camping trip in this summer or even this fall.
Enjoy some of the pictures of our fun there.
( notice I don't have hardly any pictures of the older kids because they did their best to not hang around me:)



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  1. Glad you guys finally got to go camping somewhere other than your own yard! :) Sounds like you had fun! We've only gone once this summer too - it goes too fast and it always seems like there is something else happening on the weekends! We are hoping to get out again too before it snows!