Monday, August 8, 2011

It's About Time!

Someone in our house has been impatiently waiting to lose some ivory.
Someone who is 6 years old and thinks that he has waited long enough.
Especially since his younger cousin has lost multiple teeth before him. How dare she;)
 It finally happened.
First a little wiggle.
Then when he couldn't wait any longer he had his older brother pull it out with a pliers.
Yup, he was desperate!

Then after another day or two, he thought the tooth next to that empty space felt a teensy bit loose too. He didn't even wait for it to loosen up more. He had his brother with the trusty pliers there to yank it out.

He looks a little crazy here, and I think he might be if he would let that brother of his near him with a pliers again.

He is always testing out his other teeth now because he "needs" money, he says. That tooth fairy gave him a whole paper dollar for each tooth, and to him that's some easy money!

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  1. Oh wow! I'll have to call up ur boys next time Landon has a loose tooth - I'm too grossed out to pull it myself! He must have REALLY wanted that money! :)