Monday, March 7, 2011

So I Guess I'm Sewing Now:)

I have been having so much fun!
Yesterday, after we got home from church and Pot-Luck, I started  making some more bibs. I finally was able to get my machine working the way it should { or maybe, I'm finally understanding how to use it!} I wanted to make a bib for a friend who was having a baby shower today for her little boy. What a cutie pie! So I started with his. Denim on the front and camo on the back {Ben had to surrender a pair of him beloved camo pants} and Sewed on J for the little guys name. It turned out! I was so excited that I just couldn't stop with one. I made 3 more bibs, one with a plain pink flannel back. Then I got daring and decided that the backs needed something to make them reversible. So I cut out "petals" of denim and flannel and pinned them on to make a flower and stitched them up to let them fray a little on the edges.

I decided to use snaps, mostly because I hate it when the Velcro on bibs get worn out and don't stick anymore. Hopefully these will last longer!

I can't wait to make some more after the kids go to bed tonight. I'm running out of fabric for the backs though so I'm going to have to make a trip to the fabric store and maybe even the thrift store. I think I may have found something I can actually do that turns out!


  1. Joy, you are doing an AWESOME job!!!! I can't believe you haven't done any sewing before now! Loved Jonah's bib so much! :) Having them reversible is great!

  2. They are SO cute! I really want to get into sewing, but I'm doubtful I would have the patience to figure out/deal with the machine and I would just give up!