Sunday, March 20, 2011

Have You Met The Traveling Tulips???

I'm not sure if I have ever told you much about The Traveling Tulips before.
So I guess I better explain if I haven't.
It started even before I was born.
With my mom and her sister-in-laws and some cousins, I believe.
They would dress up like old ladies and hit the bars and I think do some skits of some sort for showers and such.
I may be off a little, but its close.
For some reason my sister and I inherited her love of being dumb and acting strange.
They were called The Lavender Lilies.
We, wanting to keep with the flower theme, thus came the idea of
 The Traveling Tulips.

I believe our first "gig" was at a friends personal shower.
We don't know what got into us but just wanted to have some fun and make people laugh.
So we got gussied up and drove over.
The entire drive over there the car was filled with screaming and laughing and terror and thinking "What in the world is wrong with us! We are so stupid. They are going to think we are nuts"
They had no idea who was actually coming.
The Traveling Tulips.
{ Otherwise known as Mildred and Poppy Tulip}

It was really awkward when we arrived.
They didn't know what to think.
I think the Bride was a little embarrassed and confused.
We were too.
We didn't have an act yet and just kinda sat there looking like some weirdos!

After that, we decided that we NEEDED an act of some sort so we wouldn't look like total idiots.
We started popping in at friends and cousins personal showers.
We did our church's Mother/Daughter Tea.
Baby showers.
Mom's groups.
We started out by doing some songs and then incorporated our "famous" Seminars!

I can't remember how long we've been doing it but it's got to be almost 10 years.
We have had so much doing it.
Mostly because we love making people laugh and laughing at ourselves.

Our friends have been so jealous of our life as the Tulips , that we decided to invite them to dress up with us and go out for a night on the town. This past Friday was the night.
Everyone shopped for the best outfit and practiced their best southern accent for their night of being a Tulip.
The night arrived and we all met at my house to get ready.
So much laughing, and screaming at how funny everyone looked.
Everyone got Honorary Tulip names and wore name tags so we could remember.

{Here most of us are, we did pick up 2 more on the way}

We all loaded up in my big van and headed out.
We stopped at a bridge on the way for a "Photo Shoot".
Here are my shots.
Don't I look HOT!!!?!!!

If you want to see the rest of the Gals in all their glory on the bridge, head over to my good friend Sarah's { or should I say Agnes Tulip} blog.

After that we stopped at A&W for a snack to keep us going until we stopped for supper.
Then we hit up the Saver's and T.J Maxx.

Let's just say we were noticed! 
And we loved it!

These 2 are my gorgeous sisters Gertie and Poppy{ my partner in crime} Tulip
{real life sisters Jaclyn and Christa}

After all the store closed we headed to LaCastia for the 1/2 price appetizers and finished the night out my laughing til it hurt.

It was one of the BEST nights ever! 
Love my girls.
Can't wait til next time. 


  1. totally hot joy. :)
    love it. what a blast. that is definitely my kind of fun!!

  2. Looks like the Traveling Tulips had a blast with their Tulip friends:) Love it!!

  3. It was a blast! Thanks for putting it together Joy and letting us all be Tulips for the night! Can't wait 'til the next night! I'm thinking....formal night at Bingo! :)

  4. totally jealous - you girls are too much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That sounds like so much fun!!!! I am totally thinking I gotta do this with a couple of my friends!

    Oh, yeah!
    This is awesome!