Friday, January 28, 2011

5 on Friday

1} Strep....yuck. Its been running through our house with amazing speed. So far 4 of the kids have gotten it. Thankfully the Dr. said she'd just call in Rx's for anyone who comes down with symptoms. So i called in today to tell her Audrey and Ethan were down with it. Really hoping the rest of us don't get it, but I guess we'll see...
2} It's actually warm in our house. HOT, to be more accurate! I haven't felt this warm all winter! And its all thanks to my Father in Law who got us a wood stove. Ben and his Brother in Law put it in this week and boy, is it toasty in here. Yesterday it was so warm we had a bunch of the windows open and had to go outside numerous times to cool off! Its going to take a while to adjust to having a warm house. The kids room was 71* last night when I put them to bed. I don't think its ever been that warm in their room in the winter since we've lived here. It usually doesn't get above 60*!
3} I can start a fire and keep it going so much better than Ben! I'm very proud of this fact. I like to rub it in too. His idea of starting a fire is to throw some gas or lighter fluid on it. I'm an old fashioned girl and actually use kindling and newspaper. I learned from the best my Mama!
4} Yesterday, Ben and I went out and cut a dead standing tree down to burn in our stove. ( he actually cut it up- wouldn't let me near his beloved chain saw) I, more accurately, picked up the pieces and loaded them in the pickup. Reminded me of when I was a kid. Man, I hated doing that work. It seemed like we spent the majority of our childhood hauling logs out of the woods. Splitting and stacking, splitting and stacking. Ah,  my sister and I would sing our heads off while we worked. Dad must have thought we were really strange. But we had to make the best out of a not so fun job. Wow, I really got away from the subject here.
5} My sister and I just booked a "gig" for the Traveling Tulips on the 10th of February. We are doing it for a Church after their monthly meeting. Anyone have any ideas on what we should base our skit?

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  1. We've had sore throats in our house too, Yuck! I might just have to come over to your house and warm up....or get our wood stove going, makes me a little nervous though! Our bedrooms are above the garage so they are usually the coldest.