Sunday, November 7, 2010

A quick catch up....

Sorry, I've been very lazy when it comes to blogging lately. So I'll give you a run down on what we've been keeping busy with.

1. Ethan's 7th Birthday.
We celebrated the day by taking the kids to Space Aliens. The kids pigged out on pizza and Daddy and I pigged out on our favorite Giant Stuffed Baked Potatoes and Tortilla Soup. The kids then talked Ben into letting them spend a bunch of out money in the arcade there. ( if you know Ben it doesn't take much to do that- he's like a big kids when it comes to arcade games)
 The next day, Ethan had a couple of his cousins over for a little party and they played a bunch and ate cake.

Ethan's "dirt bike" cake. He's been planning it for almost a whole year!

2.Two Fridays ago, the kids and I headed to Mankato to spend the day with my sister and her family. We had so much fun, visiting and painting pumpkins and just spending time together. The kids love playing with their cousins everyone got along wonderfully! We were just going to stay for the day but time just got away from us and soon it was dark out and I hate driving at night. They were able to talk me into staying over. The kids were ecstatic and my sister and I had so much fun laughing til really late that night. We painted pumpkins- because with Jess- you have to do a craft!

Of course Clint has to show his team spirit with Vikings colors on his pumpkin!

My Niece, Emery, painted her pet hamster, Scoot, on hers:)

Owen thought this was the BEST thing ever!
 ( Mommy doesn't let the kids paint much, but Auntie Jessica does!)

Audrey didn't paint a pumpkin- she preferred sitting in this tub pretty much the whole time!

We had to get in on the painting too!
Ours took way longer that the kids - like 2 hours longer!
but it was so much fun!

I love this girl!

 I really wish she lived closer so we could visit and see each other more. She is one of my Bestest Friends ( all my sisters are!)If she did, maybe we would have cheaper phone bills! We talk pretty much every day but its so much more fun talking in person!

3.We decided to skip Halloween this year. Mostly because Mama was lazy and cheap and didn't feel like going to the trouble of getting everyone a costume and taking them out. We didn't have a party at Church this year so the thought of taking them out trick or treating without Ben gave be a headache and my blood pressure would spike. Instead we played games, ate tons of popcorn and candy and watched a movie. Much more fun and relaxing if you ask me!

4.The Elections!!!
The elections are BIG in this house. Daddy is passionate about our country and where its headed, so politics are the main topic around the house lately. On elections day. I worked as an election judge and Daddy stayed home with the kids all day. I worked for 14 hours. Boy, was it boring but I really actually had fun. Not only was I getting a much needed break from all the household duties and being "mommy" all the time but it was nice talk to adults and not have kids hanging and whining on me for an entire day.
Daddy took all the kids into our county's after election Republican party. I joined them after and when I saw poor little Audrey, I'm wondering if I will leave her home with all the males for a whole day ever again. She was so dirty, with boogers and food crusted all over her face. And her hair- lets just say, Daddy doesn't know how to do hair. But at least the house was still standing and the kids were still alive. And they had a fun day with Daddy!

5. Ben and I went out for supper the other night with our good friends, Travis and Sarah. We headed up to St. Cloud. And instead of going to the same place we always go- La Casita, we decided to try the new place in town. Fugi's. Its a Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi. It was so much fun. The food was great and the experience was amazing. I really want to go there again soon. We sat at the Hibachi Grill and they cooked the food up right in front of us. Ben of course had to always be the brave one and try different things- he had sushi. It looked so icky. He said it was really good but I wouldn't try it- I just can't eat raw fish!

6. I almost forgot! My sister Christa and friend, Amelia, got together to make a bunch of apple pies to stock out freezers for winter. And by a bunch I mean 37!!! It was a lot of work and a long day but was so much fun being able to hang out with them and chat and drink lots of coffee!

Well, that's more than just a quick catch up. I'll try to get on here tomorrow and try to get back in the habit of writing more frequently!

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