Friday, November 12, 2010

Ah, Hunting season....

...never ends around here.There always seems to be something in season. But for now, it is Deer Hunting Season. Which means, lots of blaze orange clothing laying around my house, lots of mud tracked in on my entry floor from the Great Hunter, and lots of hunting stories and deer butchering going on.

Yes, we butcher our own deer. I've grown up butchering deer. I loved being able to go out the the shed and hear the stories of how they got their kill. I always wished I could be out there hunting too, but my dad wouldn't let me, saying it was for the guys. So instead of hunting I got to help butcher those dead animals. I don't think I enjoyed the actual butchering, but just being a part of the fun.

Of course I married a hunter. And he loved the fact that I butcher deer. A couple years ago, he even decided that we would butcher deer for other people. So, there I was (pregnant, of course) standing out in the freezing cold shed, butchering deer for countless hours while my back ached and fingers froze. d
I think that was when I decided it wasn't fun anymore!

On Tuesday, my sisters husband shot his first deer ever. This year was his first year hunting so when he shot that 10 pointer, we headed over there to butcher (or I should say Ben did). He was pretty excited, but I think Ben just as excited for him. 

The next day, Ben shot a 6 pointer and we piled into the vehicles and went over to his dad's farm to butcher the deer. And yes I helped this time.  I was thinking about grossing you all out by adding some pictures of Ben skinning the deer, but decided that you might not appreciate that as much as I would ;)

So tomorrow night Ben will be heading to Montana to go deer hunting out there. He is going with a friend and they will be staying at Ben's cousins home. He won't be back til next Friday or Saturday, so we will be looking for some fun things to do while he's gone have fun too. Although, I really just wish I could go on a vacation for a week! But we all know that will never happen! I really hope he gets something out there because boy is this hunting thing expensive!

In other news.....

tomorrow the long awaited event is occurring.
The Traveling Tulips will be performing at a Christmas Open House.
We are set to WOW all attendees with a Seminar that will give advise on Entertaining for the Holidays.
Guests will learn how to decorate on a budget, create a no-fuss, elegant appetizer, see the Tulip's "look" for this holiday season- modeled by a volunteer from the audience, and hear our version on "Santa Baby".
We are really looking forward to bring Mildred and Poppy out of hiding and get a laugh out of people.
If you'd like to see us perform and you live around here, please stop in at the Lake Manuella Creamery. We will be on at 10:30. Hope to see you there. I'm hoping someone will take pictures so I can show off to all of you on here how amazing we look!


Quick subject change....


I repeat!


Can you tell I'm excited?
My sister in law Danielle invited me, along with her sisters and one of their boyfriends. It is going to be so CrAzY fun!I know you're all jealous of me. I mean who wouldn't be of this old almost 30ish mom of 5 whose going to be jumping around and acting like she's 16?I know I would! HA!


  1. Since I grew up with the whole hunting and butching at home thing this sounds perfectly sensible and a normal thing to do to me but there are still quite a few people that are like "What? You do what?" I so wish I could come see you traveling tulips tomorrow. I talked to Vicky and she was talking about her and Mom(Grandma)going to this. I am sure Vicky will tell me all about it. :)

    Have fun at your concert! You have to have fun when you can and it makes perfect sense to jump around to good music. I hope Ben gets more deer in Montana and that you and the kiddo's find some fun things to make the time go quickly. I really hope you get your weeks vacation some day...I dream of the same thing! :) Good luck tomorrow...I am sure you guys will be great!

  2. I cannot believe you butcher deer.