Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If you can't beat 'em.....

.....join 'em!

After fighting for some kind of attention from the hunters in my family ( they are A.WAY.S practicing their archery skills) I donned my pink "Real Tree" sweatshirt that my Hunting Loving husband bought be a couple years ago ( he also bought me another sweatshirt the same color but with a picture of a huge buck on it- he likes me in pink I guess. I don't really understand "why" he thinks I would like a sweatshirt with a massive buck plastered across the front of me?? Men!) I grabbed my dusty Bow ( another gift from Hunter Man ) and headed out to try to hit the target which happened to be a fake deer that has been decorating my lawn for the last few weeks.

 I tried really hard to show of my own skills, but as it happens I don't have any in the way of archery.

But at least I looked cute in my very pink sweatshirt!

Think I'll leave the hunting to the boys and just cheer them on.
Although it was kinda fun- I might do it again- Ben seemed to like it that I was interested in the bow and arrow thing.

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