Monday, October 18, 2010


19 cousins to be exact and there are more on the way too!
 ( Not from me though - don't go getting any ideas;)

We all got together today to take some cousin pictures. It was beautiful day for it too! My sister-in-law took the pictures (I took some too - but we will be using hers - she's the professional in the family. :) We tried to do some more shots in a different part of the farm but the littlest kids would have none of that! So hopefully she was able to get some good ones. Owen just kept glaring at me- I thought about using my own trick {wink,wink} to get him to smile but didn't think it would be appropriate for all the rest of the kids to see.
We had lunch together after that and the kids just had a blast playing with each other, like always! And us mama's enjoyed some coffee and some good talking time.
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  1. Adorable! What a nice day for cousins getting together! :) XX

  2. You always make me laugh! I am just picturing the scene of you using your secret smiling weapon! Haha!!!
    I think I need some Joy time! We should get together soon. Maybe a girl's night out after Josh is done in the field!:)