Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Always a song in his heart.

Ethan has always loved music and singing. You will usually notice that he is humming or singing. It sometimes gets annoying and his brothers are usually telling him to BE QUIET!
I found this video of him last week and just balled my eyes out! His little voice and little face are just to precious, it makes me want to rewind time so I can go back and just savor the moments when he was this little.  
Ethan is 3 1/2 in this video.

Tomorrow my Ethan will no longer be 6 and he is counting down the hours. I, on the otherhand wish he could stay 6 forever. 


  1. Cute! Landon loves to sing that song too!

  2. That is so darn adorable! Happy birthday Ethan! They grow up way too fast...thats why you have to enjoy all the moments. XX