Friday, September 3, 2010

Psycho Mom

I think there must be something wrong with me.
Question: Who takes all their children (minus the oldest, who also is a big helper) to get groceries. And not just a little trip into Wal-Mart but to Cash Wise, Cub Foods, Target, and yes a stop at Joanns to get fleece to make Hubby a blanket for his birthday. And not only does it seem like it might be a little stressful but it turned into one of the worst shopping experiences OF MY LIFE!

Answer: ME

On this said trip. I was very prepared. The day before, I went online and printed coupons and went through the store mailers and cut out the bestest coupons. ( This momma likes to save money!) I organized my list according to the 4 stores I would be going to. I organized each list practicly by aisle( yes- I'm that kind of freak) I'm prepared. I know that when I walk into a store with a bunch of crazy children I will forget my brain in the van. So I need to have a way to make sure I get everything I needed so I don't have to go back again.

First stop- the bank = easy.

Second stop- JoAnn Fabric = ( know that I thought this would be my easiest stop) major, horrible, painful, stupid,agonizing.
Why? Well, I first walk in and notice that there are no carts anywhere. O.K I think- "this is going to be a quick in and out stop. I won't need a cart."
Boy was I wrong.
Every old white haired quilter/sewer lady was in that store. They had all the carts.
I quickly find the fabric I was going to buy. I bring it over to the counter to have the lady cut it.
Get in line, grab a number. This should be quick, right? Nope, there were about 4-5 ladies in front of me with their carts heaped high with bolts of fabric that needed to be cut. I took them each at least 15 minuted to get theirs cut. Meanwhile I am standing there trying to hold 2 huge bolts of fleece, a wiggling, whiny 1 year old, while my 5 yr old and 2 yr old were running and chasing each other wildly thought the store. Climbing the walls literally. Trying to climb up the walls of fabric. I felt like I was going to go crazy. I tried to find a cart a couple times and one time I left Ethan standing in line with the fabric when I went hunting for one some lady tried to take my spot! The nerve of these old ladies. Wouldn't you think that maybe one of them would see that me with my crazy wild bunch and my 2 pieces of fabric that would take a total of 2 minutes to cut and that maybe they would let me go ahead of them. I was in line for over an hour in that line and then stood in line for another 15 minutes just waiting to pay for my stuff. I hope to never go in there again!

Stops 3 and 4- Cub Foods and Cash Wise = After that disaster the rest of the shopping trip just kinda fell apart. Kids got hungry and tired and had to go to the bathroom a million times. I didn't blame them- I didn't want to be there either! By the end of the last stop my hands were shaking and I felt like by blood pressure was sky high.Even the lady behind me the the checkout line said she was sure glad she wasn't me, and I said "I wish I wasn't me either right now."

But was it worth it? You tell me...
I saved about $60 with my coupons and going to different stores for their coupons.
Yup, I think so.
Would I do it again.
You know me- I love to torture myself!

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