Friday, September 10, 2010

I Need Your Help!

We are going to be starting our Homeschool year next Monday. I can't believe this will be our 4th year! Yes, we are starting a bit late but, I haven't gotten all my books yet so I guess that is one great thing about Home Schooling- the flexibility!( I think I may just be a little anxious about starting this year because now I'll be having 3 kids to teach!)
I've been filling out the forms that we homeschoolers have to file for the state. On every page it asks for the name of our Home School. Every year, I write the same boring thing.

 Smith Family Homeschool.

Boring. We need a new name. Something cute, something professional, something different and a little more exciting. So here's where you come in. Do you have any ideas for me? Please help by leaving a comment of what you think would be perfect for us. Thanks in advance!


  1. Do you have a verse you like? Something about your family? I will think on it and give ya some ideas to ponder.

    Ours is kinda traditional too..G.T.F. Academy:)
    It stands for Growing Tvinnereim Family Academy. I figured I was growing and teaching my Tvinnereim Family. Ironically, didn't know it was about growing to 7 kids! LOL

  2. I used a landmark by our house~ Creekside Christian School. Probably don't want to use turkey barns?:)

    Someone told me not to use homeschool because it is so labeled, but it probably doesn't matter.

    You are so creative! I am sure you will think of something awesome.

    Love all your pictures!!!