Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 24th, 2009
Clint, Ethan and I (Audrey too :D ) just got back from 1880! We went on a "Time Travel" Adventure @ the Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center for a field trip with our homeschool co-op. The kids all dressed in old fashioned clothes and hats. They were so cute. They were able to lean how people lived back then and all the work they did. Clint was shelling corn and Ethan was carrying wood. They learned some fun songs and a dance too. They even had different names, Clint was Jonas and Ethan was Nils.

Ethan was in a group with his cousin Carson and they were having a blast together! They are quite the buddies- I'm sure we are going to have our hands full when they become teenagers!They are probably going to be getting into lots of troublesome adventures :) When they had their "old fashioned" snack they were drinking LOTS of coffee! Ethan is bouncing off the walls because of it!

I'm so happy we have this great group of homeschoolers to be a part of! Its so wonderful to know that there are other people going though the same things we are. It is especially wonderful to see my kids growing friendships with other homeschooled kids. If we didn't have this I think it would be alot harder to homeschool. The support of them all helps me to know that I can do this and I'm doing whats right for our family.

P.S.....Audrey learned how to roll over this week from back to front. I always get so excited when my kids learn to roll over- its just so cute! Actually, I was probably most excited when Clint rolled over. I feel silly to remember HOW excited we were. Matt and Christa had been over and we were all just watching how cute he was (he WAS our first you know ;-P ) and then he turned over, so we got out the video camera and just kept having him roll over- lets just say I would probably be embarrassed to watch how excited I sounded and how I was acting! But sadly, Blake completely destroyed that tape when he was around 1 or 2 : ( .

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  1. How adorable are these pictures?!?! You make such beautiful babies joy :)