Thursday, September 3, 2009

My house feels so empty right now! Clint is off with Daddy this whole week working. He's been having a hard time lately with Ben being gone from Monday thru Friday every week. He's never seemed to bothered with it til just lately; I don't know if its just him growing up and realizing that daddy isn't home much or what. Two weeks ago he was begging Ben to take him with him, he even packed a bag and was going to sneak his way along with Daddy. So Ben said he should take him this whole week. So far Clint is having so much fun with Dad although he does miss Owen and Audrey- I guess he's needed a break from the rest of us:) Clint is really excited about tomorrow though since Ben surprised him and got tickets to the Vikings game. He is so excited to see Adrian Peterson play! I know this week is probably one that he won't ever forget. Getting special time with Dad AND getting to see the Vikings:Priceless!
Ethan is staying at Carter's tonight. We've been trying to do this all summer and thought we'd better hurry up and do it before school starts.
So tonight its just the three littlest ones with me. Its feels so empty and quiet if you can believe it. I think Blake is excited to have me (almost) to himself.

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