Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome my newest nephew Zander Roy Cordes!!!

We were sooooo excited on Saturday night when my sister Jaclyn called to tell us she had her baby! I had to go outside so I could scream and not wake up the kids!!! We are so happy for Jaclyn and Justin and little Zander Roy! I know they will be Wonderful parents!! Yesterday we went to meet him at the hospital- he is soooo tiny and sweet. Only 6.11 lbs and has pretty thick blond hair! We don't see much of that color hair around here in our family! Its amazing how big Audrey seems after I held little Zander- she was after all more than 2 lbs heavier when she was born than he was. I'm so happy Jaclyn has her little boy- she's such a cute mommy :)

O.K- now I wasn't going to write this but since this is an account for me in the future to remember things I better write it ( although I might NOT want to remember this plus its kinda embarrassing!) As everyone knows we've been dealing with Blake alot and he has been saying something lately that I am NOT happy about when he gets mad or frustrated! A couple weeks ago Ethan and Blake were arguing in the living room when Ben and I overheard him yell- "What the H**l!" Needless to say Ben and I were shocked that he said this and decided to nip it in the bud right away- he was punished. I don't know where he heard this! Very upsetting! Then last week Ethan scratched him on the neck when he was playing piano and he shouted it again! I decided the spanking that he got obviously didn't work so I resorted to a couple drops of vinegar in his mouth! I guess that didn't work either because last night he said it again! This time I gave him a whole spoonful of it- he screamed for quite a while! I hope this time it worked because this is NOT something I want him saying as a habit!

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  1. He is precious! Please congratulate the proud parents for me!

    This little story about Blake reminded me of our house not too long ago. Jordan and Nevaeh went through this period that they were doing a lot of potty talking...saying things like "poopy" "boobs" "butts" and it seemed like I was giving them spankings for this constantly and then I remembered that when Jason was little I would put tobasco sauce in his mouth whenever he talked naughty, spit or said naughty words. It worked like a charm for him, although he did go on to become a lover of tobasco sauce to this day :)

    Anyways, we gave it a try with Jordan and Nevaeh and let me tell you, all it took was a couple of times and then eventually putting the bottle of tobasco sauce on the counter and all naughty talking ceased! I have not had to use it in weeks...Thank God!!!

    Joy, I have really enjoyed reading your posts so far. You are a very good writer. I hope you keep it up! I can also relate to your tales about life at your house since I live with a 3 and 4 year old. This is your aunt Lori by the way!