Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Crazy Wonderful Life

As I was washing dishes after supper tonight I was watching all the boys outside playing. Blake was driving his trike all over the yard while Clint and Ethan were setting up some kind of bowling course with things they found around the yard . Owen was running back and forth under the clothes line where towls were drying with just a big t-shirt and diaper on and little chubby toddler legs going as fast as he could ( he thought this was great fun! His head was barely missing the towels). I was overcome with the thought that my kids are growing so fast and I hardly ever sit back and enjoy them being just them. I get so caught up on getting things done so we can hurry up and start something else. I am always telling myself that I will always remember everything they say and do and the truth is I forget just moments after they do them. I decided to blog it so at least I can look back and remember and others can be apart of our crazy wonderful life.

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