Friday, August 20, 2010

What's missing?

You probably won't even notice, but I got rid of that little thing on the sidebar telling us all who has recently stopped by my blog. Why? You might ask. Well, its just too embarrassing to see that the last person out there to look at my blog was 40some days ago. Yes, I know that there are some of you that do sometimes occasionally stop by to read my pointless ramblings, and I know I haven't been updating with regular updates- sorry. But the people that actually subscribe to BlogFrog, don't seem to care if they stop by my little ol' blog. That's fine. I really don't care, but I don't like being reminded of if every time I'm on here. It probably is my own fault that they aren't stopping by though- I have a hard time commenting on other bloggers blogs, I was denied that part of my brain when I was born- the inability to comment in a smart, funny, exciting way. So I usually enjoy all that I read but just can't come up with something sassy to comment. So if you're reading this and you are wondering why I haven't commented on your blog lately- don't take it personally, I love reading your blogs but I am just a dummy when it comes to commenting.

Oh and I have got to let you know who is my FAV.OR.ITE.EST blogger out there. The Lumberjack's Wife is the funnest blog I have ever read.  I subscribe to her blog by email, and just about every morning when I wake up I run to my computer to read her latest post. I love the way she writes and I really wish I could be her or at least her real life friend- we would have soooo much fun together. She has super adorable kids, and it seem like they are always doing some sort of adventurous things, like huckleberry picking to camping with a parachute. Please go check her out- you will be glad you did :)


  1. Thank you for commenting today and for saying such nice things about me in your post! I am glad you read and it's ok if you don't leave comments often.
    Why do blogs cause so much stress and insecurity?! I think it is silly how much worry mine causes me at times. I've had to remove little gadgets like that at times too, because they depressed me so.

    I love your header picture! Beautiful family!

  2. Ya know something. I have one of those things on my sidebar that says who all has stopped by, but I never really look at it! LOL Guess I can do away with it also!

    I absolutely LOVE your picture header. It is gorgeous!! Beautiful kids. :)

  3. I enjoy reading your blog so much Joy! I am just as guilty as you about leaving comments! I always get distracted.


  4. I love the Lumberjack's Wife, too! One night, after a particularly exhausting day, my husband handed me my laptop and said, "why don't you take a break? read some blogs. Read the lumberjack's wife. That one usually cheers you up!" I am married to a brilliant man!